Welcome to 2019!

The 2018-2019 year is filled with promise and great possibilities. I am extremely excited for the journey the National Black Prosecutors Association is embarking on. We remain steadfast in our mission to recruit Black attorneys within the prosecutorial arm of the legal profession. Yet, we can do so much more!

This year, we will publish a quarterly magazine. The magazine will be used to headline relevant issues, highlight member accomplishments, and assist members in their quest to remain abreast of information about our colleagues. In addition, our website will feature elected Black officials across the country. These two objectives will help to accomplish our goal of recruiting people to our ranks. The more exposure we have as an organization, the more we can do within our community. Continuing our hallmark programs such as “Real Talk” and “Fall Into Giving” will help to cement our status as an organization who moves forward while giving back. I implore every member to continue these initiatives this coming year.

In 2019, the conference will take place in my home city Atlanta, GA. This will be the biggest conference yet! We will continue to serve as a catalyst for interdisciplinary communication, innovative training, professional development and camaraderie among minorities in our field. We will continue to promote, strengthen and support the roles of minorities in all aspects of law enforcement.

In precarious times, we are the candles in the darkWe must continue to shine!

Keith Lamar
NBPA President

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